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Become a Vendor

Most frequent questions and answers

To start your store:

  1. Choose your plan and sign up as a vendor
  2. Choose your plan depending on your anticipated volume of sales

To start a store, the following information is needed:

  1. A store name
  2. A store email
  3. Store Phone
  4. Store Description
  5. Logo
  6. Banner 1650 x 350 px
  7. Mobile banner 520 x 250

After this you can establish your policies, shipping options and then add your products.

As an independent vendor, we encourage you to establish your own refund or retun policy and to publish this on your store policy page

Current customers of OJO get a discount to use the Marketplace to sell their equipment.  OJO ( is a leading ophthalmology and optometry recruiter helping practices all over the country since 2010.  Send an email to to get started.