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How It Works

Most frequent questions and answers

You will find both new and used equipment on the OJO Marketplace.  Most of the listings should specify the conddition of the equipment.

OJO Marketplace was built for practices to list used equipment that is in good condition.  You will find that both practices and equipment dealers or resellers are listing their equipment on OJO Marketplace.

There are two ways to sell your equipment:

  1. Signup as a vendor and start your own store
  2. Use OJO Marketplace to take care of all of the sales details for you.   To learn more, send an email using this form.

At OJO Marketplace, we strive to have the most competitive place to sell your used ophthalmic equipment.   You can list any free equipment for no fees and allow the buyer to pay for shipping.  Practices can list their equipment for a low commission of just 5.9%.  Resellers or equipment dealers can sell their equipment for just 2.9%.

Each independent vendor will have their own return policy for equipment or warranty that should be specified.  If you do not see this information, please contact them directly to obtain their information before a purchase.

Current customers of OJO get a discount to use the Marketplace to sell their equipment.  OJO ( is a leading ophthalmology and optometry recruiter helping practices all over the country since 2010.  Send an email to to get started.