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The best marketplace for
affordable eyecare
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Diagnostic Equipment

Find Biometers, OCTs, Retinal Cameras, Visual Field Perimeters and more in this area!

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Exam Lane Equipment

Exam Chairs, Keratometers, Lensometers, Phoropters, Slit lamps, Tonometers and Visual Acuity systems

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Surgical Equipment

Operating Microscopes, Phaco machines, Surgical instruments and supplies and more in this area!

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OJO Marketplace

The up and coming place to find or list your equipment for sale.

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Marketplace for Vendors

We bring our large national database to build your brand identities.

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Market Advantage

OJO Marketplace is a platform to easily list your equipment or purchase equipment from others at a reasonable price. As a seller, on the OJO Marketplace, you won’t see the expensive fees that eBay has risen to.

Diagnostic Equipment

Find your next OCT, IOL Master or Retinal camera here!

Exam Lane Equipment

Outfit a satellite or main office with exam chairs and stands and more!

Surgical Equipment

Find used surgical equipment for the office or your surgery center!

Best Marketplace for Affordable Eyecare Equipment

Featured Vendors

eyeMobil Innovations

equipping eye care providers with cutting edge portable equipment for serving around the world

Ophthalmology Jobs Online

Leading jobs recruiter sourcing equipment from it’s US based clients

Vision Outreach International

Leading nonprofit organization for teaching MSICS and helping mission organizations


Upfront Pricing

See our frendly low pricing . . .
Free Products

$0 to list

No charge free listings

5 products at a time

Receiver pays for shipping


6% flat fee

No charge Listing Fee

6% fee on final sale price

Buyer pays shipping

Equipment Dealers

3% flat fee

No charge Listing Fee

3% fee on final sale price

Buyer pays shipping


Why select us?

We bring interest from offices from all over the nation to view your equipment.
Easy Posting

Our platform is easy to use for posting any equipment items that you have to sell or give away.

Low Cost

Our fees are among the lowest on the market to list and sell ophthalmology equipment.


Your equipment is marketed to the OJO national database to get the word out quickly.

OJO Marketplace

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If you have any questions abut using the market, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

About OJO

OJO is one of the nation’s leading personal ophthalmology and otpometry job finding sites!

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Hickory, NC
Phone: 828-514-9419

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